Thursday, June 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Logan

Happy first birthday to our sweet little boy. A year ago we were blessed with this little miracle that made us mommy and daddy. It is hard to believe that in one short year our little 8lb 9oz bundle of joy has become a such an adorable little boy that amazes and amuses us every day. He is starting to say more words and is walking one handed. He crawls all over the house looking for what he can get into next, never realized just how quickly such a small thing can move or how quickly trouble can be found!!!!

We celebrated Logans birthday by going to the Philadelphia Zoo. He really enjoyed the giraffes and the monkey house. We took him on his first carousel ride, not sure if he enjoyed it or not!?! Had beautiful weather, not too hot and a bit overcast. We all had fun celebrating together. We had his first party on Sunday and some of Logans little friends were able to come over. He was a little leary of his birthday cake but realized it was fun to play in it. He has slowly been exploring all of his new toys, guess it is time to put away the "baby" stuff.
It has been an exciting first year.

The time has gone so quickly it is hard to imagine that he is already ONE!! Looking forward to all the new and exciting things to come in the next year.


Barbie and Craig said...

Oh look at him! What a gorgeous little ONE year old! Sounds like he had the perfect first birthday. Isn't it wonderful how much you can love a little guy?! Logan is just too precious! I'm glad we were able to go through our journeys of pregnancy together, and hopefully we'll keep in touch for a long time so we can see our little birthday buddies grow! Happy Birthday, Logan!!! (Now I need to get busy and blog about Porter's special day!)

Barbie and Craig said...

Time to update!!! I bet Logan looks a LOT different now! I can't believe our boys are almost TWO!